Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Good News!!

I got some good news yesterday! Twice, actually.

Last month I entered some photos in two calls for entries, and I found out that I got one photo into each show!

The first one is at the Rayko Gallery in San Francisco. It's the Plastic Camera Show and will be on from Feb 26 - April 1. So, if any of my readers out there are in the SF area, check it out! If not, here is their website:

Info on the show: 2nd Annual International Juried Plastic Camera Show - The competition is open to artists working with plastic cameras with plastic lenses. The more obsolete, flawed, and lo-tech, the better. Images should be taken with cameras with limited controls, such as Diana, Holga, Lubitel, Lomo, Banner, and Ansco cameras. Beautiful prints from less-than-gorgeous cameras – that’s what we’re looking for!

My accepted entry:

Flying High, 2008

And the second one is a bit more well known competition, the Krappy Kamera Competition at the Soho Photo Gallery in New York. This was the first year it was open to international submissions, so I was able to enter. And they chose one of my photos to be in the final 50 that will go on display!

Info on the show: In the hands of an artist, great photographs can be made with minimal equipment. We will be searching for extraordinary photographs produced with cameras with lousy lenses. Artists are encouraged to explore this medium and let the creative juices flow while shooting and in the darkroom (wet or digital).
Their website:

The show is held throughout March, I believe. When I have more information I will post it here. I REALLY want to go, but not sure if we will be able to make it yet.

My accepted entry:

Once I Dreamed I Was, 2008

This is the first time for me doing anything like this, so its a little exciting. I have entered a few things here and there but lately I have been making more of an effort to do so. I'd love to be able to go and see my photo hanging in a gallery for the first time.



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