Monday, November 30, 2009

Your Toy Camera News for Today

Here are the happenings in the Toy Camera world recently that I've found interesting:

New Store!

There is a new toy camera shop open - developed by Light Leaks Magazine featuring toy cameras from around the world as well as refurbished Ebay finds!! Check it out here.

Fine Art Print Auction
The Watson Studio Gallery Charity Print Auction is live - check it out here!

"Texas Hearing and Service Dogs is the beneficiary of Watson Studio Gallery's big annual Charity Auction this year! Purchase some beautiful art for yourself or as a lovely gift and help a great organization! We have over $20,000 in fine art photography prints that were donated for the auction!"

I donated a print of mine that was displayed there earlier in the year - Lewis Farms

Hypnotic sound
This is an intriguing new plastic "toy" that is for listening instead of seeing.

"GRISTLEISM is part industrial sound machine, part noise instrument. Featuring 13 original and uncompromising loops, GRISTLEISM delivers a mix of signature TG experimental noise, industrial drone, and classic melodies and rhythms."

Blog Read
An interesting read/link on Blake Andrews' blog the other day Why People Use Plastic Cameras

Holga Macro Lenses
I found these little gems on Ebay - I'm not sure what the deal is or how good they are but I've ordered a couple to try out: Holga Universal Store  and Here is another link

Another Toy
A new 35mm TLR toy camera has surfaced called the Gakken - link is here - although its in Japanese.  Its a make it yourself camera and there is a video here on YouTube on how to do it.


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