Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The Art of Waiting

I'd like to share with you all today a little bit about a photography project I'm involved in. It's called The Art of Waiting

Basically, participants are asked to take one photo a month for an entire year. In my case, I am using a Holga so I will be taking one photo a month on the same roll of film, and using the same camera. We also submit a piece of writing via snail mail each month to go with our photo. The original invitation also came by snail mail to enhance the "waiting" experience.

From the creator: "Each month, the explorers will be investigating, contemplating, searching what it is to wait. They will seek out waiting. They will ask themselves, “Who waits?”, “What do they wait for?”, “Where do we/they wait?”, “When do we wait?”, “Why are we waiting?”. And they will wait."

Waiting a whole year for a roll of film is certainly going to be challenging. Right now I am waiting a week and a half for some film to be developed and it feels like forever. I suppose it's all about perspective though.

So, I invite you all to wait with me, and follow the project throughout next year on the Art of Waiting blog I'm sure I will be posting about it again!

it's whistling like the split in his head

All human wisdom is summed up in two words; wait and hope. ~Alexandre Dumas


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