Thursday, January 7, 2010

Holga on Etsy - Second Edition!

I took another wander around Etsy and found some more Holga related goodies, and some lovely prints... have fun!!

Click Simple Holga Pouch by Homako

PDF Mini Embroidery Pattern - Say Cheese by wildolive

Lomography Cameras - Set of 4 - Art Prints by HeyHarriet

Ohh Snap Holga Tee by GenerationApparel


Holga Beach 8x10 Fine Art Print by ScooyouPhotography

And then they were bees (5x5 inch photograph) by mailelani

Swiss Tree Holga Print by Exmosis

Hidden Doorways in a Gothic Church - Fine Art Photography Print by Jenkiabaphotography

Arm's Length - Fine Art Black and White Photograph - Gelatin Silver Print  by littlecowgirl

There are so many great Holga prints on Etsy - it's worth having a look around if you're looking for some lo-fi wall art or decorations!  I'm hoping to get around to decorating my house soon and can't wait to go shopping!


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