Saturday, May 29, 2010

Your Holga Questions, Answered!

I thought I would round up a few questions from my Formspring account and post them here to share with you all.  If you have any questions for me, head over to my Formspring and ask away!

Why should I use analogue toy cameras instead of something a lot more modern?

It's all about your personal preference really, I have nothing against modern cameras or photography. For me, there is something about the look and feel of film, as well as the fun and quirkiness of the Holga that suit my personality just right! It fits with my creative vision and I always feel inspired when I am shooting with it. That is the most important thing!!

Clouds of Thought

Why a holga and not another camera?

When I first discovered what a Holga photo looked like, there were many things that instantly appealed to me: the square format, the vignette, the dreamy blur, the offbeat colors (in the case of xprocessing) the classic feel (in the case of black and white) and it's simplicity. I am in love with it's uniqueness, the photos that can be created, and the community surrounding it!

Do you use a changing bag when unloading film from the Holga?

No I don't. I've never had an issue with changing the film as long as it's wound all the way to the end - just make sure to not be in direct sunlight and there shouldn't be a problem.

How long have you been shooting with Holgas and were you into photography before that or was that what sucked you in? I guess that's two questions. : )

I was mildly interested in photography before I knew what a Holga was... but something was missing. When I saw my first example of a Holga photograph I knew that it was what I had been searching for. The photos I can create with my Holga match my internal vision and creative need. I've been shooting with Holgas for about 6 years.

What photographers or artists work do you study for inspiration?

On my blog I have been interviewing Holga artists that I find very inspiring. I love looking at and finding inspiration in the current work of the holga community. I will be interviewing more artists in the near future who I've found very inspiring. I also find alot of my inspiration in music and I study lyrics and melodies and the feelings they invoke.

And, of course, my favorite:

How'd you get so cute?

From using a Holga of course! ;) It takes a lot of practice, too.

painted whispers


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