Thursday, September 16, 2010


In case you haven't already heard - the Toycam book is now for sale!

This has been over a year in the making. Interviews and features: Sean Rhode, Wallace Billingham, Jack Brull, Marc Wijngaarde, Gordon Stettinus and myself. There will be several other image galleries as well.

TOY CAM Lo-Fi Photography is the result of over a year of hard work by photographers for photographers. This book features over 100 photographs by 49 artists of various styles, nationalities, and cultures to highlight the versatility of these seemingly simple cameras. Several photographers are also interviewed to gain in-depth perspectives of their work. TOY CAM Lo-Fi photography is a celebration of the art of plastic cameras, and a dedication to those behind the toy camera movement.

Purchase the softcover version - CLICK HERE (SOFTCVR)
Purchase the hardcover version - CLICK HERE(HARDCVR)

Also just a side note, this was a book that was created by the community, for the community, and no one is making any money off of this.  It was purely done for the love of all things Toy Camera!

A big thank you to Andrew (visit his blog here) and the rest of the team for all of their hard work!


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