Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Holga Tips - Think First, Then Shoot

"The photographer should suffer, not the audience." - Daniel Rubinstein

"Don't Think, Just shoot" is the motto of Lomography.  While I think this can be a fun, freeing tactic on certain shoots, it can also cause a lot of disappointment.  Here are some situations that I've come across in my years of shooting a Holga where it pays to think first:

Check your Holga Out
Flip your Holga over and do a quick check.  Are you on "Bulb" mode?  Check at the beginning of each shoot, or multiple times if you are switching back and forth.  This common error can result in a whole roll of wasted film!

Film speed
Is your film speed ideal for the conditions you are in?  If you have loaded 100 speed film and are indoors, or in a low light area, you might want to reconsider your shots.  Or think about actually using the "B" mode.

"Images are farther than they appear" 
Are you close enough?  Remember, that the Holga's viewfinder shows things closer than they actually are.  Think before you click the shutter, you might want to move in a couple more feet.

It's easy to lose track of what frame you are on, if you do not remember to wind it right away. Unless you are looking for double exposures, think about winding right after each shot.

Look up!
This one sort of ties in with the second point.  Be conscious of your surroundings.  Some things can creep into the edges of your photos, that you might not see in the viewfinder.  Take a quick look around before you click.

The Sun
The location of the sun can make a big difference in your photos.  If you shoot into the sun, be prepared for flare.  If you are not looking for flare in that particular shot, then you might want to adjust your position accordingly.

Put Away your Shoes
Holgas LOVE shoes.

(I have a puppy.... my mind wanders sometimes)

Share your experiences in the comments below!  Do you think before you shoot?  Why or why not?


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