Friday, January 17, 2014

The Holga 2013 Year in Review

Here is my brief summary of some notable Holga products and events from the past year.  Please feel free to share your own in the comments section.

Special thanks to Holga Inspire for all they do to keep our favourite camera alive!

Also, check out my Resources page (which I've recently updated) for links to Stores, Websites, Blogs and more!

New Products

DALT-IP5 - Detachable Auxiliary Lens Turret

Easily switch between Holga lenses on your iPhone 5!

HC-IP5 - Holga Camera Case for iPhone5 (Accessories include: 3D Lens for Smartphone, Fisheye Lens for Smartphone and Wide Lens for Smartphone)

These look pretty nice!  They attach to your phone via a magnet in the phone case.  If you are an avid iPhone shooter and Holga lover this might be the set for you!

Check out my sponsor for more information and to purchase these beauties.

Holga LED Video Light


Rayko Photo 6th Annual Juried Plastic Camera Show
March 6, 2013 - April 22, 2013
Click here to read more

Soho Photo Krappy Kamera 2013
March 2013
Click here to read more

Lightbox Photographic Gallery Plastic Fantastic Show IV
June 8, 2013 - July 6, 2013
Click here to read more

Nave Gallery Somerville Toy Camera Festival
September 7 - 28, 2013
Click here to read more

TCC Photo Gallery 3rd Annual International Holga Out of the Box Photography Competition
October 3, 2013 - November 32, 2013
Click here to read more

One of my Holga self portraits "Washed Away" was included in the Somerville Toy Camera Festival, which was an honor!

New Toy Camera Magazine

(Cover image by Dena Robles)

Did you know there was a new toy camera magazine?!  The lovely Stacie Turner has undertaken this great task.  Check out the Fall 2013 issue, and don't forget to submit to the upcoming spring issue.  Deadline is March 31, 2014. Click here to go to the website and learn more!

Did I miss anything?  What were some of your favorite Holga moments of 2013?  Share your thoughts in the comments section - feel free to link to your favourite Holga photo that you took as well!


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