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Holga Tips : Creating Close Up Photos with Your Holga 120

Have you ever wanted to create close up photos with your Holga?  Have you tried using the single person icon on the lens dial, and found that you still can't get as close as you'd like?  Well, I've got a few great tips for you on how to master this technique (as much as you can "master" anything with a Holga)!  For additional Holga related tips see the articles at the end of this post.

For starters you will need either a Holga brand close up filter, or a Macro filter attachment (these are both fairly inexpensive items).  If you go with the generic macro filter you will also need a 46-49mm step up ring in order to attach it to your Holga.

Holga with close up lens attachment

Holga Close up lens attachment

Holga with step up ring and macro lens above

Macro lens attachment (glass)

I have used both and generally I prefer the glass macro filter that I have over the Holga brand.  It depends what look you are going for.  The Holga close up lens is, like its camera counterpart, inconsistent from piece to piece and gives you a more unfocused look since it is also made from plastic.

Holga close up lens
Holga close up lens, double exposure

Macro lens plus long exposure

When I get close, I like to see at least some details and know that I will get a consistently sharper image (as long as I get the distance correct!).  I know that some have had great success with the Holga close up lenses as well, so I think it maybe comes down to the fact that they are all slightly different.  

Macro lens

Whichever one you choose, you can get nice and close to your subject and get some pretty cool shots.  I like to pick an area that has a bit of 'give' or depth to it in the subject so that if your distance is off, you know that at least something will be in focus!  I like to get right down to the subjects level and shoot from that perspective.  The Holga viewfinder, as most of you know is also slightly inaccurate so make sure you take this into account when you are shooting.  Yes, it is helpful but also take note of where your lens is actually positioned in relation to your subject.  You might just need to move it a tiny bit to get your composition the way you want it on film.

Macro lens

Macro lens

Macro lens

I've also been known to use the close up lenses on myself with some pretty cool results paired with a long exposure...

Macro lens and long exposure

The other lens that I've used in the past, and one of my absolute favorites, is the Lomography Tunnel Vision Lens attachment.  I purchased this probably 10+ years ago and it does not look like they make the one I have anymore.  They do have this version on their website but it appears to be out of stock.  It allows you to get close up as well, with a motion blur effect around the edges.

Tunnel vision lens
I hope you found this article helpful!  Feel free to comment below if you have any questions, or if you have any further tips from your own experience!

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