Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Holga Feature Photographer Johan Larsson

Sit back and enjoy the wonderful Holga work of Johan Larsson from Jönköping, Sweden!  The series of images below is entitled JKPG and are of the city that he lives in.  I love the way he uses multiple exposures (and sometimes panoramas) to create dreamy and dramatic cityscapes!

How did you get introduced to your first Holga and how long have you been shooting?
I think I bought my first Holga in 2008. To be honest, it was not a love at first sight. I took only two or maybe three rolls of film before the shutter broke. 2010-2011 I got a new Holga, as a Christmas gift from my wife. In 2011, me and my Holga finally worked things out and I came to realize what the fuzz was all about.

I have five Holgas (three Holga 120N, one Holga 120CFN and one beautiful, bright yellow Holga 135). I use different films for different situations, so I really need them all. I don't know why, but I do not like the Holga 135. I think I prefer medium format when I shoot toycam and that's why the Holga 135 always stays at home when I go out.

What is it about the Holga that draws you to it? Why do you shoot with it?

I like the simplicity. It is extremely easy to use. Two apertures and one shutter speed (+bulb), that's all I need. And, of course, it is a really beautiful camera and also quite a conversation starter.

Please tell me a bit about your series in which you use a Holga:

I use my Holgas for two series (Barndomsbyn and JKPG). Barndomsbyn (swedish for the childhood village) is a story about the village where I grew up. JKPG (short for Jönköping) is about the city where I live. The photos in JKPG are all multi exposures (up to 100 exposures on each frame). The attached photos are from my JKPG series.

What are some of your biggest challenges shooting with a Holga and do you have any tips for over coming them?

I like light leaks, but sometimes it gets too much. Tape solves the problem easily. I always carry duct tape around, in every jacket and every bag.

What is your biggest piece of advice for someone just starting out with a Holga?

Have fun! Enjoy its simplicity and use it! Don't think too much about composition and light and that stuff, just shoot!

What other cameras do you have in your arsenal?

I have to many cameras (50+) but I only use a couple of them. My favorite camera is an old Leica M2 from the the early 60's.

Favourite photo film(s)?

I shoot primarily with expired Kodak films. Kodak Tmax400 and Tmax100 are the films I use most. They are predictable and tolerant, and I like that.

What inspires you?

Music inspires me. I used to play in a garage band. And I read a lot, mostly Swedish authors like Stig Dagerman.

Visit him at the following links:

Website: www.mudride.com
Flickr: https://www.flickr.com/photos/sonicinfusion/


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