Wednesday, August 5, 2009

In Her Own Image - Available now!!

Well after a few too many teases, I am happy to report that the book In Her Own Image is now available to the public for purchase!! One of my images is in the book, and trust me, its full of amazing work and is VERY inspiring and worth the purchase!

The latest offering from the Female Self-Portrait Artists' Support Group includes the work of 87 members of the currently 1800+ strong group.

Where "She Took Her Own Picture" was an introduction to some of the members of the group with two-page spreads of their work, "In Her Own Image" brings more members to your attention and features their work in a more flowing style with a larger selection of images.

At 316 pages, "In Her Own Image" is certainly a weighty tome of beautiful imagery and a wonderful addition to your collection with more artists to meet and enjoy the work of.

All proceeds from this book go to Madre (an international women’s human rights organization).

View the book on Blurb here

In Her Own Image features work from the following artists:
Alisha Shevlin, Angel Lynne, Angela Gott, Angeline Stewart, Ashley Lebedev, Bazil Zerinsky, Bee Brady, Bethany Helzer, Bogna Kuczerawy, Brienne Griffin, Bronwen Hyde, Cheryl, Christina Ruvoldt, Christy Marie, Crystal Rose, Cynthia That-Cacopardo, Dana France, dani, Elise Hibbard, Elizabeth LaFreniere, Elizabeth Livermore, Elle Moss, Elsa Björg Magnúsdóttir, Emily Basch, Emily Sandifer, Emma Newson, Erika Pham, Eva Moreno López, Felicitas Klische, fernanda montoro, Gemma Gonzalez, Heather Evans Smith, Hélène Deroubaix, i.anton, Ilina S, Jennifer Evans, Jennifer Henriksen, Jill Evans, Joanne Cruickshank, Juliet Home, Juliette LaCour, Karin Elizabeth, Kate Armstrong, kate passaro, Kimberly Rose, Kiyo Murakami, Kristina Martino, Laura Acosta, Lauren Bentley, Lena Paloma, Lisa Noble, Lucy Nuzum, Lucy Wen-Shu Shih, Maggie Phelan, Margaret Tyson, María Elena Costa, Mariangela Totaro, Marico Fayre, Marie Killen, Maryam Siddiqi, MaryElise Tomczak, Maureen Fogarty, Megan Horsburgh, Melissa Gridley, Michelle McRae, Michelle Merle Pace, Miss Aniela, Monica Costa, Monica L. Shulman, ms.sparkles, Nathalie Griffiths, Özlem Haluk, Pamela Jesuitas, Qathi Gallaher Hart, Rachel Blumenthal, Rossina Bossio, Sarah Mercer, Sarah R. Bloom, Sarah Wright, Sevgi K, Sharon Cooper, Sharon T. Wheaton, SophieCharlotte, Susan Knight, Teffin, Teresa Horstmann, Wendy Anderson.


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