Monday, November 16, 2009

Exhibition News and Photos

Well it's Monday yet again!  Weeks seem to be flying by lately... we've had some nice mild spring-ish weather here in Southwestern Ontario, so November hasn't been too bad so far, aside from the shorter daylight hours. 

I'm kind of looking forward to hibernating and working on a project this winter.  I don't know how much I will share here until it is done (it will be hard for me to do that!) but I've got a Holga Wide Pinhole on the way so I'm sure I'll be posting some test shots from that as I get to know it.

Holga, Ilford HP5 film
October 2009

A couple of things happening his week:

I am participating in a project run by Labspace Studio in Toronto called Monosaic.  The opening is on Saturday - and I'm hoping to attend.  Here is the event poster:

I'm looking forward to seeing the end result!  I submitted two fall photos for this project.

I also received news last week that one of my photos was selected for the Portraits exhibition at Photoworks SF.  The opening is on Friday, Nov. 20.  Visit the website or their Flickr Group to learn more, and if you are in the San Francisco area, by all means please go check it out!  I need someone to go in my place since I am so far away!  The image I submitted:

That's all for me today - hope you are all having a wonderful Monday.


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