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Your Top Holga Photos of 2015! (Part One)

What a year it's been!

With the Holga factory closing its doors just a few short weeks ago, I felt that now more than ever we should show how strong the Holga community is by celebrating the photos we create using this simple plastic wonder.  It's no secret that I have been a huge Holga fan for over 10 years now, and I am honored that all of you stop by my blog and share your work with me!

Holga Week had a record turn out this year and so many great images were received!  I plan to continue this tradition as an annual event for as long as I can, and for as long as our Holgas continue to take photos for us!

And now without any further rambling....

Your TOP Holga Photos of 2015 (Part One)

Sam Lee
Los Angeles, California
Title of Image: Salton Sea, 2015
Holga 120GN
Ilford HP5 400 ISO

I was driving home from Salton Sea and noticed a train coming towards our direction. As passenger, I quickly reached for my Holga (it is always in close proximity), rolled down the car window, and photographed the passing train, as it passed us going the opposite direction. It happened so quickly and in a matter of about 15 seconds. I really didn't know what I captured and was really surprised that the train was in focus. The image is my favorite because through luck and chance, I just let go of the control and allowed the Holga camera to just capture the subject.

Jonas Lundström
Attack of the alien yellyfish from space!
Holga 120CFN + Holga close up lens 120mm
This is really my favorite not just because I happened to nail the exposure and focus for once with the close up lens but because that I never could have imagined that the pciture would come out like this. it was really a nice surprise with the XPRO'd roll and that's what the Holga is all about, right?

Kendra Laflin
Austin, TX
Vines and Stone
Holga 120N, Ilford HP5
I took this photo in south Austin when I wasn't even really out to take photos. It was in a neighborhood, the stone is part of a wall for fence between houses. I really like the texture and the pattern the leaves in comparison to the cracks in the stone. Plus I'm having a love affair with Ilford HP5 right now.

Debashish "Dev" Samaddar 
Phoenix, Arizona USA
"Double Star"
Holga 120 Wide Pinhole Camera, Kodak Portra 400
This wide pinhole camera shoots 6x12. I wanted to shoot a few panoramas at and after sundown to capture streaks of light from traffic with the last light in the sky. Since it is a panorama camera, I had to wind the film to every odd number. two 6x6 frames at a time. But I forgot to do that. Instead I went forward one 6x6 frame, resulting in overlapped, multiple exposure photos. The lab that developed and scanned also couldn't scan 6x12, so they scanned only 6x9. Overall, multiple glitches. But as a result I got some astounding photos. I have several favorites from the roll, but I chose this one as it shows two suns/stars in our sky (and the frames blend pretty nicely too, some of the others aren't so smooth).

Patrick J. Clarke
Temecula, CA
"Watching Over You"
Holga 120N
Telex Rangefinder, 46-49 Stepup ring, Red Filter
Ilford XP2 Super, Jobo C-41 Dev Kit
I had finally gotten my kit just right.  A new 120N that had been calibrated to a Telex Rangefinder, a red filter and using XP2.  I had been playing with different combos for years, but I was finally narrowing in on the vision of what I wanted to create with the Holga.
So this trip to the beach was nothing about camera and setup, it was all about finding the right image.  When I walked up to this scene, I knew how it was going to look even before I snapped the shutter.  It was the first time the Holga got out of my way and was just a tool to create an image...enough experimenting, I was creating with a unique tool.

Mr. Holga
Globe Life Park in Arlington, Texas
Ryan 34
Holga 120GCF, Kodak TMAX 100
The statue of Nolan Rayan at Globe Life Park in Arlington has its back to the sun during most of the baseball season. Visitors to the park take their photos from the front, which gives an awful backlighting effect. I took mine from the rear and my nearsighted plastic buddy did the rest. This photo has everything I love about Holga photographs: sweet-spot focus, vignetting and a slight double-exposure in the lower right corner.

Sheila McKinney
London, UK
'Lake Louise Selfies' - 3 second exposure
Holga 120 Wide Pinhole Camera, Kodak Ektar 100
This image was made in the summer of 2015 at Lake Louise, Alberta, Canada. It is a stunningly beautiful place, much photographed by the many, many visitors. Most of these people spend but a few moments here so that they can capture their image, or a selfie, to be posted to FaceBook, which is the ultimate way of proving you were there!
This photo is my favourite because I continue to be amazed at what can be captured by a simple plastic box, film and a pinhole.

Dennis Stein
Medfield, Ma.
"Crooked Tree”   
Holga 120s, Lomography film ISO 400
I walk the dogs every day in the fields near my house. This tree is at the beginning of the walk, among shrubs and other trees. Just very simple in how it all comes together.

Craig Pindell
Cheyenne Wyoming
Bicycle on the Pier, Georgetown South Carolina
Holga Panorama 120, Ilford HP5+ Film

I made this image one evening after work while strolling on the pier, waiting for co workers to meet for dinner.   I wanted to photograph the benches, Light was right and by chance as I was composing the image, someone rode up and parked the bicycle in this spot - without a care about the composition of my photograph.  In the end the bicycle helped the image.  All's well that ends well.

Melissa Federowicz
Los Angeles, CA
Holga 135 & Kodak Ultramax 400 & Holga Close up filter 
While walking to the grocery store one day this past spring, I noticed this butterfly flitting around. The butterfly was undisturbed by the Holga and so I giddily shot around it while it continued eating from the Lantana flowers. I love this photo because it conveys perfectly why I enjoy the Holga: unobtrusive and easy to carry and use, so it's there for spontaneous moments, allowing me to capture some of the small, beautiful details of life.

Judy Boyle
Hanover, PA
HolgaGlo 120n, Shanghai GP3 100 Pan film
This is my first ever Holga photograph, an accidental double exposure that I shot last week in Mount Vernon, Baltimore. I was using a green HolgaGlo 120n that I just purchased and received upon hearing of the closure of the Holga factory. Getting a Holga has been on my list of cameras to get for a while and I decided now was the time. This is my favorite photograph, because it reminds me that even though I may carefully compose a photo, it might not turn out like I expect it to. Film used was Shanghai GP3 100 Pan film, processed in my kitchen with Caffenol, and scanned on Epson V500 Photo.

Rogelio Camargo
Sevilla, Andalucía (España).
"Doble cura". "Double recovers"
Holga 120 N, Kodak Tri-X 400.

History: This image is caught in my former neighborhood of the infancy, and for my already he supposes an importance for the place in if. The motive, they are two brothers who are priests and twins, slightly curiously, and almost always they go together, because of it of the singular thing. In one of my walks for the neighborhood to re-live through the moments of the childhood, I met these two persons, for my so singularly, and slightly usually.

Ross Togashi
Honolulu, Hawai‘i
“Remembering Japan Faraway”
Self-made PinHolgaRoid pinhole camera
Polaroid 600 instant integral film (expired)
Shortly after the closure of the Holga factory, I went out with my PinHolgaRoid loaded with a pack of Polaroid 600 instant film.  I thought it appropriate to use this no-longer-made film with my Holga.  This image is my favorite of that day, as it reminds me of fleeting and fading memories of my visits to Japan, now long ago and faraway; and the transience of all things

James Arnold
Lower Town, Fishguard
"Lower Town, Fishguard"
Holga GCFN, Kodak Portra 400

Chuck Baker, aka: The Brownie Camera Guy
Nijmegen, The Netherlands
Take a Seat 3
Holga 120 CFN (€1 flea market find), Rollei IR400 Infrared
There is a massive meat processing factory, called the Honig, along the river in Nijmegen that is earmarked for total destruction within 10-15 years.  The buildings have been cleared out and cleaned. In the meantime restaurants, small businesses, galleries...etc...have been given the space and the area has become a wonderful place to go to. Some of the original fixtures have not been removed, including this pit. I go back often to shoot it, when the light is right.

Andrew Janjigian/Melissa Rivard
Kyotocat in Mossachusetts, September, 2015
Holga 120N, X-ray machine fogged Kodak Tri-X, tinted in Lightroom
This is one of my favorite holga shots this year because though we shot on many different formats and stocks that day, the Holga shots captured the dreamlike nature of the location best.


J. M. Golding
Yosemite National Park and greater San Francisco Bay area (double exposure)
"From darkness we find each other"
Holga 120N (with Holga CL-250 close-up filter for one of the two exposures) and Kodak Tri-X
This photograph is from the series, "Where you are," which explores the integration of closeness and distance using double exposure. I made the first exposure at a city park near San Francisco, using a Holga CL-250 close-up filter. I made the second exposure, focused at infinity, at Yosemite National Park. In the double exposure, near and far are joined. I chose this photo both because I'm happy with its visual qualities and because it feels to me expressive of the theme of the series.

Melanie Hilliard
Jackson, Michigan
The Old Rail Yard in Spring
Holga 120S ($5 Thrift shop find), Lomo Lady Grey 120 film (400 ISO)
My grandfather worked his entire adult life on these railroad tracks which now lay mostly in a state of disrepair; this is my favorite photo of the year because it simply captures that small town rust belt mood.

Daniel J. Schneider
Civic Center Park, Denver, Colorado
Holga 120 CFN, Kodak Ektar 100 film.
Though it's against the rules, technically, kids play in the Seal Fountain at the Voorhies Memorial in Denver’s Civic Center Park on a hot afternoon, July 24, 2015. Though I've decided I am not in love with the Holga, this image captures the documentary style I like, the super-saturated Ektar colors, and really makes the best of the Holga's quirks. I particularly like how the lens's softness toward the edges adds motion the cyclist, and the vignetting allows the near edge of the pool to expand behind the viewer as far as their imagination can take it. The crossed streams of the fountains frame the done of the Colorado State Capitol and another family stepping out of the water.

George Bernstein.
Cleveland, OH
"Fall Day at Case Western."
Holgamod Deluxe Holga 120N, Kodak Portra 160.

I ran out on this clear, sunny fall afternoon and wanted to record some of the beautiful light and colors before the shadows took over.  I had three cameras with me--the Holgamod Holga 120N, an FPP Debonair 120 with T-MAX 100 as a test roll, and a Leica M6 with 35mm Zeiss lens with Kodak Ultramax 400 (roll not finished yet).  I took some of the same pictures with the Leica, but I doubt the sharp Leica images will be more beautiful than this one.

Paul Taylor
"The Clock in Harlaw Road"
Holga 120GCFN, Expired Kodak Portra 400 NC
It was one of the last really sunny days of the summer, and I saw this clock and just snapped it with my Holga. When I got the picture back, I really loved the blue sky, the vignette, the soft granite and the sharp, sharp detail of the clock. The Holga done good!

Helene Barrette
Quebec, Canada
"Passing By"
Holga (normal) + Fish Eye lens attachment w/ Tri-x film
It reminds me of the trip where I took the photo.

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