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Your Top Holga Photos of 2015! (part two)

Part two... because you are all so awesome!!  (See Part One here)

MJ Idzerda
London, Ontario, Canada

Holga 120N 
Ruby was the official Store Dog at a local pet store in London Ontario's Wortley Village. The Holga was my first foray into toy cameras... leading me to become a local supporter of all things film and plastic camera!

Heather Harkins
Los Angeles, California,
"Lunch With Nancy Jean"
Holga 120N "Sunset Boulevard", Ilford HP5 Plus
I love this shot partly because it documents a really fun visit with my friend Nancy Jean, and also because the magic of a double exposure let us share the frame just like we shared a laugh over lunch.

Inge van Leipsig
Rotterdam, the Netherlands
Holga 120WPC and Rollei RPX 25
This year, due to some personal and family stuff, I didn't have much time for photography. I did join a project called The Next Best Thing Pinhole Project (, for which I had to shoot two pinholes every three months. This was one of the images for the project and I was very happy with how it turned out. It captures my hometown Rotterdam perfectly: old versus new architecture. It has the first European skyscraper on it, but also the new and experimental architecture Rotterdam is known for these days. It also shows one of the many harbours Rotterdam has.

Lorraine Healy
Freeland, WA
"Roy's , Amboy, California"
Holgapan 120 with 35mm insert, way, way expired Kodak film
I took this on early February, during a Route 66 workshop with Dave Wyman. The reason why it's my favorite this year is I wasn't expecting much of putting old film through the Holgapan with the 35 mm, and this was the one good shot I got. I love how the shot matches the subject matter, Route 66.

Cynthia Lee
Nambour, Queensland Australia
"Back Streets of Nambour"
Holga 120N, Lomography Color Negative 120 film 800
There are local spots I like to walk around with my camera - because there is always something interesting. This image is at the back of PSYC gym and street artist are free to paint the walls. This day there wasn't a lot of great work, looked like young kids that found spray cans in mum and dads shed and a random school chair also been tagged.

Greg Calvert
Liberty Island, New York City
"Lower Manhattan from Liberty Island"
Holga 120N on Portra 400, processed & scanned by North Coast Photo
Lower Manhattan glistens on a brisk winter morning as I played tourist with visiting parents and in-laws, preparing to move to the west coast.  Although it's only a year old and far from remarkable, it feels nostalgic.

Csaba Kovacs
Budapest, Hungary
Moon above the Hungarian Parliament (Lunargraphy)
Holga WPC 120 (pinhole), Kodak Tmax 100
I am pinhole photographer and I like the long exposures. My favorite Holga photo is a lunargraph. This photo made about 4.5 hours in this year's spring from the famous Hungarian Parliament. I try to show the place's an other face in the night with the move Moon. I love my Holga pinhole camera and enjoy the photography with it!

Pablo Jones
Chicago, IL
Fly a Kite
Holga 120S with Kodak Ektar 100, developed by
Taken at a spring Kite Festival in Chicago. I love the way the composition turned out; I have the 6x4.5 mask which makes framing with the square viewfinder notoriously difficult.

Michael Sturgess
London, UK
Photo location: Dolo, Italy
"The Fisherman"
Holga 135BC + Fuji C200

Whilst on holiday in Venice Italy I went to Padova for a day. On the way back to Venice my friend and stopped off at Dolo for some ice cream. We wandered down to the old mill and saw a man fishing. I took one photo with the Holga and I was about to get my compact digital camera out of my pocket to take a photo but the fisherman had walked back up the mill. We then went and had some lovely ice cream before the drive back to Venice.  It's my favorite I've taken this year because it was of the moment.

Armin Oehmke
Location: my bathroom
Holga CNF on Rollei RPX400, 
Developed in HC110. Lithprint on Agfa Brovira -Speed BS310RC
Craig Coss

Arrowhead Junction, California

"Desert Rail"

Deluxe Stealth Waist Level Holga loaded with Fuji Pro 400H
I purchased my first Holga in the spring of 2015 and by December I owned four. This image is the third picture from my very first roll and is the reason I am now hooked.

Naomi Goggin
Holga 120N, Kodak Trix 400
Amy, the bride, had just said this was her favourite time of day, in the late afternoon light. This is one of so many favourites from my first year with this camera. An unpredictable and magical beast.

Ale Di Gangi
Florence (Italy)
"There still is life on this planet"
Holga 120GN + Lomography Turquoise
After a couple of years of mobile and instant only, I finally resumed Holga and Lc-a shooting this last summer, in occasion of a vacation in Sicily. When I had the rolls developed, I realized all the harm that digital shooting has done to me, mainly due to absent-mindedness brought by "automated shooting". This photograph of three people on a beach is my favourite of this year because it comprehends all the flaws that I so dearly missed - and that I have learned to never want to miss again. These are what I call "natural" flaws (as opposed to "artificial" ones you can build on a mobile device): the warmth of the film, the distortion of the lens, the precariousness of film.
Let's Holga on.

Lisa Shea
Blithewold Mansion, Bristol RI
Holga 120N with black and white film
I enjoy shooting Holga in a variety of styles – color, black and white, 35mm, redscale, and more. It’s always hard to choose just one favorite, but I love the shadows and serenity of this image.

David Wolanski
Dover, DE (photo taken in Mississippi)
"Delta Rainbow"
Holga 120 N, Modified by Randy Smith, Holgamods, Portra film
This is one of my favorites because I was driving past this site in the Mississippi Delta and saw the colors and light and quickly backed up to park and do some photos. The light lasted barely a few minutes and was gone as quickly as it came. I drove back by the location a day later and it was just a drab mess.

Todd Schlemmer
Seattle, WA
"Captain Twilight"
Holga 120N, Velvia 50, el cheepo flash
I had promised that I would take a photo of the engine captain at station 5. We had been busy all day, but some time after dinner we had time to go outside and snap this before we were dispatched to a house fire. Velvia 50 is a daylight film, but I had my Holga loaded with it.  I had the flash in my bag and stuck it on the Holga as an experiment. ​This is one of my favorite portraits.

Howard T. Calb
Somewhere between Amersfoort and Apeldoorn (highway A1 in Holland)
"Following the truck for 280 meters in 10 seconds"
Holga 120PC, Audi A4, Fuji NPC160 (expired 2004)
I shot this image on Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day (WPPD-2015) on April 26th, 2015.
I like to use (expired) Fuji NPC 160 film for my colour pinhole photography. I use several home build pinhole cameras, but also often just carry my two Holga Pinhole cameras for 6x6 and 6x12 format. These are fine cameras and easy to use.
On my way home, I placed the pinhole camera on the dashboard of my car, tripped the shutter while driving 100 kmh and kept it open for about ten seconds.

Martina Kettner
Linz, Austria
"Death Valley"
Holga 120 GFN, Ilford 100 Delta Pro
I took this picture in February 2015 at the Mesquite Flat Sand Dunes in Death Valley - which is one of my favorite places on earth. I was surprised that the picture turned out well because of the slow film speed and the fact that I took the picture in the late afternoon. The light was quite dim already.

Katie Mollon
Michigan, USA
"Shores of Lake Superior"
Holga 120FN - Portra 400
Every summer we meet up with our Minnesota & Wisconsin cousins somewhere between us: this year was Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore in Michigan's Upper Peninsula.  It was my first time playing in Lake Superior.  I loved the way the colors of the tourists & rusting dock were playing off of the swirling waters, so I double-exposed that with a shot of driftwood, which is always one of my favorite subjects.  I love the way my Holga always leaks in just the right amount of light along the edges!

Gary LeBouton
Wautoma WI
"At The Fair"
Holga 120S, Ilford HP5 developed in Pyro
It was created this past summer at the Waushara County Fair. Every year I try to create at least 12 images with Holga 120 S.

Daniel Rock
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
"Imagine Peace"
Holga WPC 120, Lomo XR 50/200
I was inspired by the table top placed outside the building that had Imagine Peace painted in bold lettering. It's my favourite not just because of the striking composition, as indeed it was my first image captured on my first Holga purchased some few months ago. It's sad to see that I caught the wave so late, awesome I get to ride it.

(And finally, mine.  Which I have shared already but figured it would be a good way to close off the post.  I shot a lot more film in 2015 but for various reasons did not have time to get it developed.  I should have some more work to share in a few weeks!)

Thanks for stopping by and thank you to everyone who submitted.  I was truly blown away by the number of submissions, and the quality of the work.

Long live the Holga!

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