Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Went to Africa for a Day

The weekend before last, we went to the "African Lion Safari" here in Ontario. Its basically a wildlife park where you can drive through and see all of the different animals. But, please keep your windows shut as recommended by this sign:

Couldn't resist posting that! :)

Anyways, the only way I was going to get a good shot with my Holga was if I DID break the rules, and only if something non dangerous was close enough to get a shot of... that's when I found this little guy. A type of African cattle called a Watusi (I think - I also think he was a baby thus not having the huge horns yet).


That was the only really good shot I got - none of the baboons jumped on our car :( I also have this photo of an angry ostrich who did not like our car at all... I did NOT open my window for this one and risk losing an eye, thus its a bit blurry:


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