Friday, April 15, 2011

Plastic Fantastic Show - Call for Submissions!

June11, 2011 – July 6, 2011
LightBox Photographic Gallery is pleased to announce the call for submissions for our second annual Plastic Fantastic Show. This group show celebrates LightBox’s love for photographic images made with plastic “toy” cameras. We have established this show to be held every year to celebrate the gallery’s anniversary. The first Plastic Fantastic Show was an amazing collection featuring images from over 40 photographers from around the United States, as well as Sweden, Australia, Spain, Great Britain and Canada. This genre of photography has a huge following around the world, with images made from very low tech cameras with plastic lenses. Toy cameras are special with the wondrous and dreamlike images they create, subjects take on a unique special quality that is rarely found from any other capture device.

LightBox is very pleased to have Susan Burnstine as juror for the Plastic Fantastic Show II. Susan is an incredibly talented photographer who uses homemade cameras consisting of plastic lenses and vintage camera and household parts. She began working with toy cameras and has become a highly acclaimed photographic artist shooting with film and using rudimentary cameras of her own design. Her images are mesmerizing and dreamlike and her methods use film with the purity of the process as a vital element, without relying on digital processing.

LightBox feels we have the perfect juror for this years Plastic Fantastic Show. LightBox is looking for pure Toy Camera Photography, and will accept images shot only with film using plastic, pinhole, box or homemade cameras. No digital photography is accepted for the Plastic Fantastic Show. Prints may be made with digital methods, however, digital post processing of images is not encouraged. LightBox seeks photographic prints of the highest quality, and offers framing for display in the gallery. We are very excited about this exhibit, and hope to show the best in toy camera photography from around the world, please help us with your submissions.

CLICK HERE to go to the LightBox website to learn more and for entry guidelines.


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